Tube Analyzer

Detection, analysis and logging of short sporadic errors for the automotive industry – LV 124 / LV 148


Customizable HIL test and simulation platform, for development, validation and production tests

RTStand LV 124 testing platform

Fully-automated scalable testing platform for LV 124 electrical tests, with many LV 148 capabilities

RTStand SignalGeneration

Signal generation device for arbitrary curves of the LV 124 / LV 148 automotive norms

RTStand User Interface

Customizable User Interface for NI TestStand, with 3rd party tools and plugins integration capabilities


Ultra-fast interrupter switch for LV 124 / LV 148 available in 11A and 125A hardware layouts

Testing lab LV 124

Testing lab with climate chamber, using our fully-automated testing platform for LV 124 electrical tests

RTStand Log Viewer

Powerful TDMS log viewer for RTStand / Tube Analyzer / Restbus simulation files with time-synchronized display

RTStand RF Analysis

RF analysis for radar characterization & chirp analysis using 24 GHz and 77GHz Radar Target Simulators

RTStand RF EoL Platform

Fully-automated EoL/Production platform for testing Radar sensors

Radar Target Simulator

Radar Target Simulators in 24 GHz and 77 GHz layouts, in cooperation with perisens GmbH

RTStand Gateway Tester Platform

Automated testing systems platform for lifetime, validation, developement and LV 124 gateway tests

Test bench for MCU (Main Control Unit) (german)

Qualification test bench for the MCU of the multimedia unit in vehicles

Test bench for airplane components (german)

Test plattform reducing development times and testing costs of various airplane components

LabVIEW | Flow reactor (german)

Multiuser Client-Server Application to standardize and protocol the production process of nanoparticles

Heating systems – Gas Chromatograph (german)

4 test benchs for automated monitoring, protocoling and calculating heaters and chromatograph values

LabView RT | Online analysis for weldings (german)

Real-time test bench, analyzing in parallel core properties of welding tools

LabVIEW RT | FPGA | Tribometer (german)

Test bench analyzing friction and wearing parameters in the automotive industry

LabVIEW | Motor test bench for two motors (german)

 Test bench for characterization of various motor types using NI LabVIEW

LabVIEW | Test automation with 22 benches, SAP and Oracle (german)

Testing industrial heaters over a test bench server for 22 benches

… and many other innovative test benches!

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