Our next event is this year’s Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. Visit us at booth 1313 and see our systems live in action!

If you cannot make it to this event, feel free to contact us if you want online product presentations!



We have updated our LV124 / LV148 norm comparison document, based on the lastest VW norm releases (VW 80000 and VW 82148). You can download the document here:

NEW! UPDATED! Comparison between LV 124 and LV 148 norms (on the basis of VW 80000 and VW 82148) (PDF, 3.4MB) (english)



Improving LV124/LV148 ADAS Testing with a Modular, Generic Approach – article published in the NI Automotive Journal

WKS Informatik, an NI Partner, focuses on automated test systems that can remove human error from validation and reduce test times and costs for ECU manufacturers. RTStand LV124 is a fully automated system that tests compliance with LV124/LV148 standards and their specific OEM derivatives. The scalable hardware platform goes up to 96 pins and can include buses such as CAN, LIN, and Automotive Ethernet.Read PDF

Read the whole NI Automotive Journal edition


Testing Solutions for Autonomous Driving – article published in the ATZ magazine

Autonomous driving increases the requirements on testing systems. WKS Informatik developed an integrated solution that can be used for very first prototypes as well as for the end-of-line testing.  – Read PDF


WKS Informatik’s Tube Analyzer wins the Innovation Award of the WiR and Kreissparkasse.

This award confirms not only the top technical features of the product, but also the innovative force and economical success of WKS Informatik.
According to the jury, “due to the deeper and precise analysis capabilites of the Tube Analyzer, the quality of measurement systems can be improved drastically. The product, and the concept behind it, can sustain the company for the following years, as there is no comparable product on the market and the diversity of its use cases can open a bigger market.”



WKS Informatik at the VDI Congress 2021

WKS Informatik at the VDI Congress 2021 We are very excited to take part in a real event again! So join us next week in Frankfurt and learn about how you can improve the quality of #automotive #validation is crucial and why fully automating it is the best way to go for! At the VDI…

Starter setup for LV124 LV148 automotive ethernet testing

Starter setup for LV124 LV148 automotive ethernet testing The simplest setup to get started on #automotive #ethernet testing #lv124 #lv148 for #1000base-t1: RTStand SignalGeneration for the norm libraries and automated control + the brand new UFI for us interruptions on ethernet lines!

Release for UFI 100xBase-T1 for Automotive Ethernet

Official release for UFI 100xBase-T1 for Automotive Ethernet We are super excited to launch our newest technical revolution for #automotive #1000base-t1 #testing for #lv124 #lv148 validation! You can finally test your automotive ethernet devices in a norm-compliant manner! The #UFI for #automotive #ethernet interruptions is officially launched, packed and already shipped to the first customers!

LV124 / LV148 solutions at the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2021

LV124 / LV148 solutions at the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2021 Join the (virtual) Automotive Ethernet Congress on 9 – 11 February 2021! Our partners from Rohde & Schwarz will present their latest Trigger & Decode for 1000BASE-T1 testing and give you a sneak preview of our brand new UFI interrupter device for LV124 LV148 testing…