Radar Target Simulator

24 GHz and 77GHz

WKS Informatik and perisens have a cooperation, officializing a partnership begun in 2015, which has produced over 10 state-of-the-art testing RTStand Radar systems for our customers.

By combining the broad and deep RF knowledge of perisens and the extensive WKS Informatik automated testing experience, the RTStand HiL Test and Simulation Platform now offers flexible, more performant and technically reliable RF/Radar solutions and powerful Radar Target Simulator solutions, for both 24 GHz and 77 GHz.

Built as a robust 19″ device, it can easile be integrated into testing racks and together with other WKS Informatik software and hardware solutions it can be integrated into complex automated testing solutions based on our RTStand platform.

Radar Target Simulator – Key Properties

  • available in 24 GHz and 77GHz layouts
  • Upgrade to 2 GHz chirp processing bandwidth possible (currently up to 1,7GHz)
  • Minimum range between the Radar Target Simulator antenna and the Radar sensor: ca. 50cm
  • Simulation range: 5-100m typical, more also possible
  • Range increments: 10cm or lower
  • Doppler simulation
  • Dynamic range: 60 dB typical
  • Simulated target: one moving target or several static targets: one Radar Target Simulator per target; several Radar Target Simulators can simulate various angles

Software for  Radar characterization

Our RTStand RF Analysis software brings even more value to your testing systems. Using it together with our Radar Target Simulator, it enables indepth chirp analysis, spectrum, power and frequency analysis for both 77 GHz and 24 GHz simulation. The RTStand RF Analysis software can be used as a stand-alone solution for characterization, useful for e.g. development tests or it can be integrated into automated testing solutions, such as our RTStand Radar platform, useful e.g. for EoL tests (RTStand Radar)