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Based on over 20 years of being National Instruments Alliance Partner (Silver) and relying on a double LabVIEW/TestStand Architect certification, we at WKS Informatik focus on customer success, providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions for industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and RF/Communications, complying with the most challenging software and hardware requirements.

Winner of one of the first NI Technical Innovation Awards in Germany, RTStand was created in order to help our customers achieve better and faster industrial testing results at optimal cost. Meanwhile all of our systems are built on this powerful Hil test and simulation platform, allowing our customers to reuse their know-how and existing components, assuring an optimum return of investment.

Our core business revolves around the most important automotive trend today: autonomous driving. We provide turn-key solutions for automotive electrical tests using our LV124-related products – TubeAnalyzer and Ultra-Fast Interrupter -, as well as performant solutions for RF/Radar testing systems.

We are your experts in testing!

Our philosophy

Ronald Kaempf

Ronald Kaempf


Ronald Kaempf, CEO and the first Certified TestStand Architect in Germany, has the following view on the future of automated testing systems:

“It all comes to solutions. It is everywhere obvious how innovative companies strive to reduce the testing costs for their components. I think this is only possible to achieve through complete solutions based on standard components or by combining partial solutions based on the same standard components. In this direction goes our strategic focus, here at WKS Informatik.“


Software development requires thorough thinking, intensive communication and important decision taking, which use various amounts of paper, power consumption and CO2 emissions due to means of travel. WKS Informatik commits to developing software while also reducing the environmental harm caused in this process. We reduce paper use by preffering e-communication means, optimize current comsumption by using energy-efficient devices and offering our support and consulting services via web conferences, where possible.

Our history

  • 1995

    WKS Informatik was established, with Ronald Kaempf as co-founder.

  • 2006

    Ronald Kaempf becomes the first Certified TestStand Architect in Germany.

  • 2007

    Ronald Kaempf restructures WKS Informatik and sets new business goals.

  • 2015

    • WKS Informatik becomes National Instruments’ Silver Alliance Partner of the Year.
    • The first WKS Informatik employee to receive a LabVIEW Architect certification
  • 2017

    WKS Informatik sets up imporant partnerships for its two business cores: LV 124 electrical tests and RF/Radar Solutions.

  • 2018

    WKS Informatik sets up the first worldwide partnerships and distribution channels for its business core: LV 124 electrical tests.

  • 2019

    • First fully-automated testing systems for LV124 / LV148 electrical tests get the Dakks calibration seals for its components.
    • WKS goes global: First fully-automated testing systems for LV124 / LV148 electrical tests sold outside Europe.

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*since 2007

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