RTStand Radar

Radar testing platform


„Because of RTStand we were able to detect a sporadic error we wouldn´t have found with the old test approach. This saved us a lot of money, as the failure has been detected in a very early stage of development of our gateway.“ – Thomas Richter, Project Manager at Continental™

Production test systems are based on critical criteria such as product measurement traceability and reliability, product variant handling, fast and stable testing process in order to reduce test times and lower costs. Development and function testing system must be reliable and deliver precise data with very high resolution.
RTStand Radar integrates all these criteria in just one test platform and adds its own top features for an innovative testing approach.
Used several times worldwide, the RTStand Radar platform enables automated testing, while supporting following features:

  • Radar Target Simulator for 24 and 77 GHz
  • Parameter measurements including analysis and reporting in various formats (*txt, *.csv, *.html,
  • Power measurements, bandwidth measurements, frequency and out-of-band (OOB)
  • measurements as well as signal/jitter measurements for determining the radiation characteristic
  • Integration of Rohde&Schwarz devices and the newest NI Vector Signal Transceiver technology for signaling measurements
  • Database management, including scalable design and automated measurement logging
  • Reporting of production key figures such as work shift management and yields.
  • Long-time measurements with climate chamber communication
  • Intergration of RTStand RF Analysis software for radar characterization and chirp liniarity analysis

Using new technologies such as a Radar Target Simulator, the RTStand Radar platform reaches a good balance between cycle times and measurement resolution, which is crucial for production purposes.
The core features of RTStand allow a reliable and robust analysis over long periods of time, making it suitable for development and function tests.
More complex analysis can be implemented easily in the RTStand Raadar platform, due the integration of Vector Signal Transceiver hardware, allowing future client requirements to be realized much faster than in usual systems.