RTStand RF Analysis – Solution for Radar characterization

RTStand is open HiL test and simulation platform, based on National Instruments technology, created to adapt to all testing needs.

In cooperation with perisens GmbH, WKS Informatik developed a solution for Radar characterization. Integrating Radar Targer Simulators for 24 and 77 GHz and using National Instruments VST technology, RTStand RF Analysis enables indepth chirp analysis and characterization.

RTStand RF Analysis

  • Support of 24 and 77 GHz Radar Target Simulator
  • Chirp analysis with liniarity evaluation
  • Spectrum, EIRP power, frequency and frequency deviation displays
  • Various configuration options for data analysis
  • Continuous or snapshot modi
  • Flexible usage for development and production tests
  • Immediate integration in the RTStand platform and in the National Instruments world