RTStand LV 124

fully-automated LV 124 / LV 148 testing systems


„Because of RTStand we were able to detect a sporadic error we wouldn´t have found with the old test approach. This saved us a lot of money, as the failure has been detected in a very early stage of development of our gateway.“ – Thomas Richter, Project Manager at Continental™


„This innovative modular concept, which gives us the opportunity to monitor a high number of pins in parallel, with a high resolution of up to 10µs, as required in the LV 124, allows us to make a deeper analysis of our products and especially find sporadic errors earlier in the development phase.“ – Ralf Zimmermann, Technical Project Lead at Continental™

Driven by the LV 124 and LV 148 automotive norms – which were drawn up by the representatives of automobile manufacturers like Audi AG, BMW AG, Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG and others and which describes various electrical tests and their requirements – WKS Informatik developed three innovative products: the Tube Analyzer, RTStand SignalGeneration and the Ultra-Fast Interrupter (UFI). Along with the RTStand platform they are integrated in this modular and flexible LV124 / LV 148 test platform.

The Tube Analyzer, SignalGeneration and the UFI are meanwhile in use at various customers worldwide.

The core of these tests is represented by the electrical disturbances. Loose contacts may occur if cable or connectors brake, overvoltage may happen if the battery has defects, leading to dangerous sporadic errors in the car components.

The strict norm requirements meant that a sampling rate of 100 KHz was needed to analyze and log up even 400 analog and PWM channels in parallel. An innovative analysis principle of wrapper curves (hence “Tube”) was needed in order to allow the programming of expected values for each channel.

The RTStand platform gave the flexible environment needed to easily integrate other devices needed for LV124 purposes (e.g. 4Q Amplifiers, Power supplies etc.). Using Tube Analyzer capabilities, the system achieves a sampling rate 100 times faster than that of common testers and monitors 20 times more channels in parallel than usual test systems. The UFI usage allows the system to automatically perform the critical interruption tests described in the LV 124 norm. The SignalGeneration allows users to output ready-to-use arbitrary curves from the delivered libraries or create their own curves.

The result is a fully-automated system, compliant with the LV 124  and LV 148 norms which allows the users to comfortably run tests according to the LV124 / LV 148, while being able to scale up the system to their actual needs. According to customer feedback, the analysis time of the testing systems using the Tube Analyzer decreased by 50%.

Find sporadic errors for LV124 tests

Build on a flexible platform

  • Modular hardware setup
  • Modular software components
  • Quick adjustment to new requirements and new DUT types
  • Based on NI TestStand configurable test sequencer capabilities
  • Configurable software modules
  • Customizable RTStand User Interface
  • Configurable E-Test order
  • Powerful Log Viewers for fast data analysis

Reduce testing costs

  • Reduces up to 50% analysis times
  • Reduces up to 75% testing times
  • Reduces your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Immediate integration in the National Instruments world
  • Worldwide hardware support through National Instruments
  • Continuous software maintenance