WKS Informatik GmbH takes over Elme GmbH – building better and faster automated solutions for automotive

Delivering Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) solutions in a fast and reliable manner has always been the main goal of WKS Informatik GmbH. The rising demands on automated testing solutions – driven first by the automotive industry and the newest autonomous driving trends – have not only helped us improve our HiL Test & Simulation Platform – RTStand now includes flexible solutions for Radar (and Targer Simulation) and LV 124 electrical tests – but also made us search for faster ways to deliver turn-key solutions for our customers’ automated testing needs.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that WKS Informatik GmbH took over Elme GmbH, a long-term partner with extensive experience in test bench hardware engineering.

Both companies have worked intensively with the National Instruments technologies, and as a twice award-winning Alliance Partner of National Instruments, their combined worked already produced products which have been awarded for their outstanding innovation (National Instruments Technical Innovation Award for RTStand – HiL Test & Simulation Platform – and WiR Technical Innovation Award for Tube Analyzer – LV 124 measurement solution).

All WKS Products – Ultra-fast Interrupter and Tube Analyzer for LV124 – as well as all our RTStand HiL automated systems can be now built and delivered faster to our customers. Moreover, it allows WKS Informatik GmbH better flexibility in requirement changes received from our customers, with the aim of delivering not just faster, but also better.

Ronald Kaempf, CEO of WKS Informatik GmbH:

“In Elme GmbH we had a reliable long-term partner, whose deep expertise in hardware engineering allowed us to develop automated testing systems covering a wide range of testing needs, from development to end-of-line, over product validation and functional testing. Combining Elme’s skills and our testing expertise has been bringing tremendous benefits for our customers over the years and we are proud to be able to officialize this partnership now.”

(first published on LinkedIn by Andreea Solomon)

Ronald Kaempf (r), CEO of WKS Informatik GmbH and Christian Winkler (l), CEO of Elme GmbH