WKS Informatik GmbH and perisens GmbH – cooperation for more performant and reliable RF / Radar Target Simulator solutions

The latest autonomous driving trends have put tremendous emphasis on developing better Radar solutions for automotive. The importance of understanding, developing and integrating RF solutions in HiL systems is becoming crucial in delivering better automotive solutions.

Perisens GmbH develops high-performance and high-precision Radar Target Simulators (with statical and dynamical radar targets), which can be used in a wide range of test scenarios, such as sensor development tests, functional HiL tests, characterization analysis or end-of-line test.

WKS Informatik GmbH – a twice National Instruments’ Alliance of Partner of the Year (Silver) winner – has over 20 years of experience in HiL testing and has been successfully using the National Instruments’ Vector Signal Transceiver technology in its Radar testing systems for several years.

WKS Informatik and perisens are glad announce their cooperation, officializing a partnership begun in 2015, which has produced over 10 state-of-the-art testing RTStand RF systems for our customers.

By combining the broad and deep RF knowledge of perisens and the extensive WKS Informatik automated testing experience, the RTStand HiL Test and Simulation Platform now offers flexible, more performant and technically reliable RF/Radar solutions.

Ronald Kaempf, CEO of WKS Informatik GmbH:

perisens GmbH is a reliable partner of WKS Informatik, provinding us with the best Radar components for RF solutions, which we can easisly integrate in our RTStand testing platform or other automated testing lines. I am sure that we can offer best quality for better prices than many current solutions on the market. We are happy and excited to set our RF journey together with perisens on the next level.

(first published on LinkedIn by Ronald Kaempf)

Dr. Florian Pfeiffer (CEO perisense GmbH) and Ronald Kaempf (CEO WKS Informatik GmbH)