Tube Analyzer

for Lv 124 / Lv 148


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Tube Analyzer is an innovative product used for the detection, analysis and logging of short sporadic errors for the automotive industry. It complies with the requirements of the LV 124 and provides high-resolution analysis with 100kHz for up to 400 pins in parallel.

„This innovative modular concept, which gives us the opportunity to monitor a high number of pins in parallel, with a high resolution of up to 10µs, as required in the LV 124, allows us to make a deeper analysis of our products and especially find sporadic errors earlier in the development phase.“ – Ralf Zimmermann, Technical Project Lead at Continental™

Tube Analyzer optimizes your LV 124 tests through:

  • Reliable detection and innovative analysis of very short sporadic errors
  • Driftless and synchronous monitoring of all analog and PWM inputs
  • Complete tool chain, including TestRun Generator and Log Viewer
  • Remote control of the user interface
  • Support of the LV 124 norm requirements

Tube Analyzer reduces your total cost of ownership through:

  • Immediate integration in the National Instruments™ world
  • Worldwide hardware component support by National Instruments™ Partners
  • Modular and scalable software components
  • Continuous software maintenance
  • Based and developed on industry standard NI LabVIEW

Through its remote control capabilities, the Tube Analyzer is fully capable of being integrated in the RTStand HIL and simulation platform, as well as in other test setups, but can also be used as a stand-alone analysis and logging device.

For more information on our fully-automated LV 124 testing systems, have a look at our RTStand LV124!


Tube Analyzer Datasheet (PDF, 0.5MB) (english)


Tube Analyzer Brochure (PDF, 3.4MB) (english)

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