NOFFZ Technologies GmbH & WKS Informatik GmbH Cooperation on test solutions for Radar technology

Autonomous driving is the current technology trend creating the newest automotive innovations. Reliable Radar sensor testing solutions have become a crucial part of the sensor developing chain and the need to integrate them into powerful HiL systems has risen. Due to the increasing numbers of radar sensors per car and integration in every car the volume is rapidly going up in production. For that reason small foot-print of test solutions, quick testing time and best price is crucial for the manufacturers. With the NOFFZ & WKS collaboration a universal tester platform (UTP) address the needs of developers and production engineering – so from validation to production in one hand.

The engineering teams of both companies work on new algorithms, new antenna products combined with automated solutions as well as high-end HF adapter & tester setups to accelerate product development, reduce manufacturing costs, achieve superior quality throughout the lifecycle, and solve critical supply-chain issues.

“With the combined efforts and knowledge from WKS & NOFFZ, we create a great universal test platform for radar sensors and electronic units, which can be used throughout the product creation process our customers from validation to production. The partnership is a perfect fit!”, said Markus Solbach, Managing Partner/Director of Sales & Marketing

“NOFFZ is a remarcable partner and we are very glad to join them into provinding better standardized solutions for Radar testing. NOFFZ’ extensive experience with Univeral Testing Platforms and WKS’ RTStand RF Platform can now be combined into a powerful, faster and well-standardized, but also more flexible Radar/RF solution for our customers”, Ronald Kaempf, CEO of WKS Informatik GmbH, mentioned.

NOFFZ and WKS Informatik – two winners of the National Instruments’ Alliance Partner of Year award – are glad announce their cooperation, with the aim of developing performant testing systems with Radar technology.

NOFFZ Technologies is an owner-managed technology company with core competencies in the design, development and manufacture of automation turn-key systems, customer-specific & standard test solutions worldwide. Incorporated in 1989, NOFFZ is a Platinum Alliance Partner of National Instruments and is one of the market leaders in system integration of innovative test solutions based on their Universal Tester Platform (UTP). With employees at 5 locations on 3 continents, NOFFZ has a wide global footprint of specialists for RF & wireless solutions as well as process and automation technology.

WKS Informatik GmbH has over 20 years of experience in HiL testing and has been successfully using the National Instruments’ Vector Signal Transceiver technology in its Radar testing systems for several years. WKS’ RTStand HiL test and simulation platform offers integration capabilities for high-performance Radar Target Simulators, which can be used in a wide range of test scenarios, such as sensor development tests, functional HiL tests, characterization analysis or end-of-line test.

By combining the knowledge of both companies and the successful standardizing testing platforms they provide, this cooperation places the foundation for more performant and technically reliable RF/Radar solutions in all areas.

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first published on LinkedIn by Andreea Solomon