Job opening: Software Developer // LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand

Job Summary

We strongly believe that a better testing system generates a better, more reliable product. Therefore we combine all of our energy, time and innovative thinking into developing performant, state-of-the-art testing systems for our customers.We are rooted deep into automotive testing and are proud to help build better autonomous vehicles. With us you will work with a small, but bright team in order to solve problems that will improve and hopefully also save lives of milions of drivers worldwide.

We are looking for a software engineer/developer, who is a passionate, talented team player, but also an independent creative mind. You will work in a very National Instruments-oriented environment, but know-how into other technologies and tools is a plus.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience with National Instruments software and hardware
  • Experience with database technologies
  • Previous contribution to innovative products
  • Experience building test bench software
  • Experience with field buses
  • RF know-how is a plus
  • Other programming languages or tool know-how are a plus (e.g. Matlab)
  • Computer engineering degree or similar


Your work will be on developing testing systems for automotive. High-quality development in a fast-pace environment will be your challenge. You will learn about automotive requirements, develop new tools, improve exciting modules and fix bugs.

We will help you achieve higher National Instruments Certifications, welcome you in a friendly team and support you in becoming the next best developer for automotive testing systems!

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